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  • Practise Chinese words

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  • Memorise Pinyin tones

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  • Recap the grammar

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  • Learn about the culture

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  • Gamify your learning

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  • Master many topics

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App Features

Hanzi flashcards


Enhance your Chinese vocabulary with a collection of 600 words spanning over 50 diverse topics, from animals and food to travel and technology. Practice Hanzi characters, Pinyin tones, and their English translations to master the essentials that are most relevant to you.

Hanzi culture items


Delve into the richness of Chinese culture, exploring its history, traditions, and linguistic customs. Uncover the roots of Chinese characters, understand the meanings behind names, and celebrate the significance of various festivals. Our cultural stories provide context, enriching your language comprehension.

Hanzi grammar lessons


Start your journey in Chinese grammar with Hanzi, progressing from basic sentence structures to complex linguistic forms. As your vocabulary expands, confidently navigate through common particles and eventually read Chinese newspapers. Our grammar lessons are your passport to fluency.

Hanzi mini games

Mini Games

Put your knowledge of Chinese culture and grammar to the test with interactive quizzes. Dive into history, traditions, and customs while earning coins to unlock new learning materials. Our mini games offer an enjoyable approach to language acquisition.

Hanzi gamification


Transform your Chinese learning experience into an enjoyable adventure. Accumulate coins through vocabulary flashcards and mini games, unlock new materials, and monitor your progress. Our gamification features ensure a captivating educational journey.

Hanzi tonal puzzles


Master the nuances of Mandarin's tonal nature with our tailored puzzles. Practice differentiating tones to grasp their unique meanings, reinforcing your skills through repetition. Our tonal puzzles are designed to streamline your path to proficiency.